The Vintage Advantage!

  • NOSTALGIA: There's a certain feeling you get when you see a piece that you or you mother or grandmother carried. It's a warm and fuzzy nod to another time... to a designer's roots... to a lost level or workmanship. Every piece has a past and is ready for a future.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: I approach each piece with a lot of love/care and a focus on versatility/function, and longevity.
  1. The love and care brings back their luster and restores them to their best state. Once in that state they are conditioned and sealed to bolster their durability and prolong their lifespan.
  2. My items are often altered to enhance the level of versatility/function they offer. I want my vintage items to continue to be loved and used for years to come; to that end, their conversions provide multiple options for wearing/carrying. This is also what makes them exclusive, one of a kind pieces. 
  • PRICE: New designer pieces are extremely expensive - buying vintage allows you to own an authentic piece or many, with a guilt free attitude and a fuller wallet. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY: (Or as I like to say, "Saving the Planet one designer handbag at a time!")
  • The fashion industry is a major source of the greenhouse gases that are overheating the planet. The fashion industry can create less pollution, if we don't give them reason to constantly replace the old with the new! 
  • Buying second-hand or repurposed items mean you’re not feeding the fashion industry. These luxury pieces were made to last and they DO! I see it daily, pieces that are 30-50 years old hold up quite well. Those pieces are already in circulation and by keeping them there we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable fashion model that is not focused on replacing the old, but instead preserving and appreciating it!

  • Fundamental list of Eco-Friendly Sustainable Fashion: 

    • Reduce (What You DO each time you purchase a vintage item!)
    • Repair  (What happens in the restoration process)
    • Recycle (Whatever keeps what is beyond repair out of landfills)
    • Repurpose (The backbone of the jewelry collections -- where a single bag charms chain can be turned into 5-10 gorgeous necklaces)
    • Reinvent (When design and creativity are involved in converting pieces to enable a variety of uses.)